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Privacy Policy

When I began the practice of law and since the founding of Harold S. Small, A Professional Corporation in 1985, we have always prided ourselves on service to our clients. We value the relationships that we have with our clients, as well as the trust they have placed in us. This is why nothing is more important to us than the protection and privacy of personal information relating to our clients. We are serious about keeping this information private before, during and after the attorney-client relationship with us ends. This privacy stems primarily from our ethical obligations as attorneys which we believe is more protective of you than laws that have been adopted. However, because of laws relating to privacy, we have set forth general privacy information for our clients and for those that contact us relating to professional services.

The following notice describes our policy on collection and disclosure of your non-public personal information. Please be sure to read this document carefully.

Categories of Information Collected

We obtain most of our information directly from our clients. Depending on the nature of legal services, we may need additional information. At times we collect non-public, personal information about clients from the following sources:

  • Information provided to us on forms, in response to requests for information that we send to clients, and other materials that they provide to us;
  • Information available on internet and other sites;
  • Information provided to us on forms, in response to requests for information that we send to clients, and other materials that they provide to us;
  • Information available on internet and other sites
  • Claims, billing, payment history, as well as other transaction information we receive from you and others;
  • Information we receive from accountants, insurance agents, financial consultants, real estate brokers, securities brokers, and other legal counsel assisting clients;
  • Information we receive from other attorneys, consumer reporting agencies and government reporting agencies; and
  • Such additional information as we may need to provide clients in connection with their representation.

We may obtain such information as we determine necessary to provide clients with the representation for which we have been engaged.

Categories of Information Disclosed

Because of the attorney-client privilege, we are not authorized to disclose and will not disclose confidential information or information imparted to us as a part of the attorney-client relationship. Our clients control the privilege relating to attorney-client privileged communications and we will abide by the Rules of Professional Conduct of the State Bar of California, as they may be amended from time to time. We may be required to respond to governmental requests for information pursuant to a statute or pursuant to Court Order. In addition, we may disclose personal information about clients as may be needed in furtherance of their representation and in accordance with the engagement for our services.

To Whom Information Is Disclosed  

We do not disclose any personal information about clients to anyone unless necessary for their representation in accordance with our engagement for services or as allowed by law. We do not share clients' financial information with any other businesses to market products or services. In the absence of a client writing to us to restrict further our actions or disclosures on their behalf (“opting out”), our actions will be in accordance with the policies stated above.

Explanation of Opt out Right  

Clients may further restrict disclosures at any time by providing us with written instructions. Even if clients “opt-out,” we may still disclose information as required by statutes, laws and ordinances and also pursuant to Court Order.

Confidentiality and Security  

We protect nonpublic personal information of our clients. The only employees who have access to this information are those who must have it to provide services to our clients.

Access to and Correction of Your Information

We do not accumulate information relating to persons accessing our website and you will note that there is no ability on this website to send information to us. Persons/entities having an interest in engaging our services must contact us directly and only at that time may information be imparted to us. Until such time as a client has engaged our services we are not their counsel and do not undertake an obligation to provide advice or counsel. Privacy for our clients and the quality of our professional services is very important to us. Contact us if you would like to engage us to assist you with your legal needs and give us the opportunity to be of service to you.

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